4chan brisbane nudes

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It would be helpful if someone could put up a list of the 4chan brisbane nudes somewhere, but without the images themselves, or any links to the original forum. I don't really feel comfortable looking for the original site, and wouldn't want to share that link either. I dont feel like doing it at work, but i did see a list when i helped some one track it down earlier today through my phone, ill see what i can wrangle up later today. I'd like to know this list too, would like to know if my wife is on there before being told by a friend. Brisbane Times helpfully supplied the exact Google search string you need to use in the article itself, so start there!

Each folder, shared as "girls from Brisbane and surrounding areas", named the woman whose nude pictures were supposedly available and in many cases even listed the area she lived in.

4chan brisbane nudes

Downvoted presumably by spastic perverts who can't figure out the secret special Google code to look up noodz. When will the government bring in stronger anti-piracy laws to protect us from this evil madman? She's your ex. She dated someone who's in the habit of saying 'Hey ex-girlfriend, I saw you naked somewhere! She's dated guys who aren't classy. She's not going to be surprised. Are you surprised? Why is advising someone that there are pornographic photos of there person online demonstrating a lack 4chan brisbane nudes class? If you want them just throw a photo up and say they are from X city then troll around a bit, im sure they will come, probably hosted on mega or something id say.

I don't want them, I just want to find out if I'm on there so I know whose balls to crush. There is the possibility that a good amount of these photos were "hacked" i. It is a possibility but in this case, not likely. It's more than likely that its just due to young guys getting sent these photos and sharing them especially seeing as these are all girls in brisbane, and same goes for the adelaide folder and one of the guys who is getting them shared to is creating an archive.

Much like the fappening except the fappening due to the high profileness of the girls was due to compromised s, aka the icloud bug which allowed bruteforce attacks. At the end of the day, people are allowed to take as many nude pics of themselves as they want. They just need to be careful who they send them to. Surely we're going to reach a critical mass where everyone's nudes are on the the internet. Then it won't even be a big deal because everyone's junk is there, for the world to see! I look forward to the divorce settlement. You can both claim ownership of the same photos.

One took the photo, the other was in it: which of you walks away with the prize? Hi Sea of Dreams Natalie here from BT. Just wanted to say I 4chan brisbane nudes on this issue ly, link here:.

4chan brisbane nudes

I just wanted to point out that we have included links to these message boards, and in my case that was certainly because I didn't want to get the s more views or expose the women in the pictures to more eyeballs. It's a tough one because giving links would allow women to check to see if their photos are online, meaning they could lodge a complaint.

It's a subject that I personally find very wrenching. Of course men and women have the right to take and send whatever pictures of themselves they want. I firmly believe that. And yet it's a sad reality of human nature that people like sharing things and people like nudity - throw in some uncharitable attitudes and there you have it.

Until those attitudes change, I guess. Did you mean to say "haven't"? The rest of your comment sounds like you might have. Oh gawd - thanks kwoddle. Yes, I did mean to write "haven't". I have not had any caffeine today! That's one kickass username you've got there if you are indeed a professional journalist. I love it. Hey there - I'm sorry if I upset you, but it is part of my journalism job now to look at various online forums.

That's how my editor expects me to contribute to journalism, I'm afraid. Journalism is a lot broader these days than it once was, so we all have to adapt and change. Cheers, Nat. Another fine example of the "Anything for clicks" policy that tabloid media seems to follow, these days. Do you have the image of just the names? I was viewing it before but it seems to have been taken down. Pretty certain I saw a friend on there. A friend at work asked me to check and this afternoon and I had a working link.

It could be down by now. I didn't really want screenshots or a download. I can try again tomorrow if really needed. There might not be a lot she can do about it but at least it's not a nasty surprise when someone thinks it's funny to bring it up in a conversation that they saw her nude online. Probably a wise move : She may already know they're out 4chan brisbane nudes, but if she doesn't it might be a bit of a unwelcome shock.

So a question that I had about the Adelaide batch and again with this batch. It seems to suggest that one person is ing all of these, not just a forum where a lot of people are sharing the photos. So how did that one person get them? Are we talking "leet haxor" work where one person has accessed devices and lifted photos, or is he just well connected and the type of bloke that people like to send photos of their missus? I would assume 'win for win' trading like the fappening.

It's a part of chan culture. Can confirm, 4chan has regular 'x nudes' thre, where x is various locations around the world, there's a Brisbane one just about every night. As long as it remains physically possible 4chan brisbane nudes people to send nudes these things are going to keep happening forever. Apparently some of them might have been lifted from Facebook, but most of them were probably sent in by bitter ex-boyfriends.

It is - I braved the 8chan Australia board and found the thread. I guess that's not all bad news because it will be harder for the general public to find, but bad for any woman who is creeped out at internet perverts swapping their photos. Except the creator of this one has made it a lot easier to find things, which is not a good thing. As far as I understand 8chan is like Reddit - anyone can make a board, and like subreddits there are going to be good ones and bad ones, and downright illegal ones.

Id stick with 4ch and Ich as being the most likely culprits, but im sure there are other chans that i visited in my youth that would have crap like that, surely they havent changed that much since i last went on them. Nope: as names are liked to something like this it would invasion of personal privacy and be against rules of reddit. Should I tell them? Yes, do as the police can't really go after the people responsible unless their is a complaint made against them. So has anyone been able to figure out how to check if you are on the list??

Trying to help out a friend who doesn't want to go to the police and create a scene. No sweat. The only naked photos of me online are from when I was ridiculously hot, and after that I haven't had a single photo taken where I had any of my clothes off.

Aw come on, I used to really like you as a poster here. Now you've gone ahead and posted this piece of shit. Top marks, buddy. Also, that "piece of shit" is factually accurate. Hate it all you want, reality won't suddenly bend to match your expectation of it. If your friendship is based on my opinion matching yours, then I don't want it, plain and simple. People are allowed to believe other things, even STRONGLY believe them - and in this case, facts, reality and the law are firmly on my side of the fence. It makes me a little sad to know you only regarded me as a friend because I echoed your thoughts, whoever you are.

Not sure why you want me to treat the attitude I'm referring to without total contempt. Fucking sick of people thinking their offended sensibilities give them the right to "demand justice". On another note: If I take 4chan brisbane nudes photo, with my camera, of a girl who is aware her photo is being taken and is ok with it, in the nude, then that photo is mine to do whatever the fuck I want with.

That information is completely false. You can't just do anything with a photograph 4chan brisbane nudes you're the one who took the picture. There are multiple laws stating what you can and can't do with images of another person. Thank you.

4chan brisbane nudes

Too many jackasses here that think their personal opinions are what the law is constructed around. Even if you have the legal copyrights to an image you can't use it to defame, harass, embarrass or cause harm to another person. Just because you have the copyright to an image doesn't mean you can do something illegal with it. DeathGore 1 point 2 points 3 points 6 years ago.

4chan brisbane nudes

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