Amputation fetish

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Please do not distribute without written permission from Damn Interesting. In the early 20th century, there was a sharp increase in the of people openly seeking to have one or more of their healthy limbs surgically removed from their bodies. It is known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder BIID or Amputee Identity Disorder, and it involves an urge so powerful that it le many sufferers to damage the offending limbs beyond repair in order to bring about amputation. The most commonly expressed desire is to have a leg removed above the knee, but sometimes the person is looking to rid themselves of an arm, a leg below the knee, or sometimes multiple limbs.

The disorder usually includes feelings of intense jealousy at the sight of an amputee. Some even de and fabricate prostheses to allow themselves to appear to have the amputation they desire. Since there are very few surgeons willing to separate a person from his or her healthy limbs, some sufferers of Body Integrity Identity Disorder go so far as to destroy the limbs in question so that amputation becomes the only option.

Amputation fetish are reports of individuals freezing the unwanted arm or leg with dry ice, or creating a wound and deliberately infecting it. Some theorize that BIID is an extreme demonstration of Munchausen syndrome, a condition where the sufferer feigns or creates symptoms of illnesses in himself or herself in order to gain attention, sympathy, and comfort. BIID seems to have a similar pathology, where the subject seeks the special attention given to the disabled.

A of people with this disorder also exhibit acrotomophiliawhich is a strong sexual attraction to amputees. Most amputee wannabes describe feelings of shame and unworthiness, and a keen awareness that their ambition to abandon perfectly healthy limbs is bizarre. People with this condition gain little help from psychiatric or psychological therapy, and any treatment merely helps to control the desire rather than to abolish it.

It is not a well understood disorder, and there is no known effective treatment aside from giving them the subject the amputation they desire. A surgeon in Scotland named Robert Smith has amputated the legs of two otherwise healthy people who were amputation fetish from BIID, but after some negative publicity the procedure was effectively banned by the National Health Service in the UK.

Last updated 16 January If you amputation fetish to repurpose this copyrighted work, you must obtain permission. I would be very worried if there were more than a handful of doctors willing to amputate perfectly good limbs.

Amputation fetish

Not only would these procedures tie up an operating room, surgeons, attendants, anaesthatists spand nurses, but then the required physical therapists and prosthesis technicians as well. Not to mention putting an unneeded burden on the already unwieldy health care system. Ultimately, our bodies belong to God, and we should not mutilate them. Moreover, removing a healthy body part is strictly against all codes of medical ethics. No doctor can morally participate. This story is fromand I can dig up no evidence that he actually went through with it.

Amputation fetish

There is much talk that it was a hoax, or at the very least only a handful of people paid for the priveledge of watching this guy chop his own feet off. John M. While I would agree with Marius that it would be troubling if more than a scant handful of physicians were participating. I think a case could be made that if a patient is so troubled by what he sees as an unwanted limb that he is willing to shoot, freeze, or deliberately neglect himself in order to get rid of it, then amputation could count as preventative medicine.

It would obviously be preferable to be able to treat the disorder at the mental level. Nonetheless, I could see the argument that a medically controlled amputation of a healthy limb would be preferable to massive self-mutilation by the patient. Especially as the evidence seems to be that the treatment works. That said, I would be concerned if there were more than a very tiny of physicians willing to reason that amputation fetish. If the problem is that severe, then part of treating the disorder on a mental level should be to institutionalize the patient on suicide watch.

Amputation fetish

Massive self-mutilation carries risk of death, so this is justified. This is true. However, I think it could be argued with some justification that it is less disruptive of the life of a patient to amputate a limb then it is to institutionalize them indefinitely for a disorder that has no current cure other than amputation. Do I think this should be the common reasoning?

I think amputation of a healthy limb should be such a measure of such last resort that it is virtually impossible to attain — attainable only if you are down to a choice of perform the operation, institutionalize the patient on suicide watch for life, or let them mutilate themselves until an amputation becomes medically required. If the institutionalization would only be temporary, than amputation would definitely not be the answer. Hmm, interesting. I never thought people would go to such drastic measures.

Though I would like to see how the Paralympics is like…. This could be handled in the same vein as those people with Gender Identity Disorder who can have their bodies altered through surgeries and drug therapy to reflect the gender they identify with.

As our technological capabilities increase our bodies are becoming more and more malleable. If the human species survives long enough, a complete upheaval will occur with people changing every aspect of their anatomies. Men will give birth. Brains will be transferred into bonobo bodies. Bodies will be altered for survival on other planets. Even the mind itself will be subject to the specialized knowledge of neuro-engineers I. Identity Disorder. My girlfriend has this problem…. Obviously you are putting careful thought into this, but I must disagree on this point.

If you are arguing for a change in ethics standards, that is a seperate matter. There are two reasons: First, nobody lives in a vacuum. We depend on relationships with other people. Such blatant acts of self-destruction carry consequences for society beyond the individual involved. Is a Roe v. Nowhere when I was born was a stamp or certificate stating I was not the sole owner of said body nor that my body is a donor on lend from god. Any god for that matter. Whatever millions there are.

And nothing short of the big man cracking the sky in half and giving amputation fetish a high five will change that. First of all, I cannot see this as any different from getting a facelift or liposuction. Both are cosmetic procedures amputation fetish the removal of otherwise perfectly healthy body parts in order to fulfill a need. Now, if these procedures are acceptable, how can you argue that amputation is not? Especially considering that these people are suffering from a mental condition, not just self esteem problems. If there are doctors willing to do this, and I guarantee there are, there should be no reason it cannot happen.

The way I see it, John M. That is wrong. Obviously neither one of us has this mental problem. However, that does not mean we have the right to tell other people how to live their lives. I agree with mHagarty. Amputations of legs above the knees are a bit more radical than a face lift, but essintially the same idea. The way I figure it, do what you want. If you want to blow off your own arm with a shotgun, by all means, help yourself. If you want to believe your body belongs to God, fine. I still find it amazing how many things on this site end up hitting the amputation fetish wall of religious fundamentalism….

I have met the person who did the double amputation fetish amputation in the car with hand controls. At that time he was doing the year of time before gender reasment surgery and was living life as a woman with full hormone treatment.

Amputation fetish

I do think that this should be treated as no more odd than extreme breast implants which require ificant life and clothing alterations. Oh yeh I watched a documentary about a sex surgeon in america who tried to amputate the leg of a man with this fetish. I love learning that there are actually names for these types of things.

I used to know the word for the fear of having penut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth. Why is a leg amputation amputation fetish differnet from breast implants or butt implants??? You still have to get use to doing things in a different way. The way I see it; it would be a greater cost to undergo life long therapy to get treatment for this rather then a lump sum of having the leg amputated.

If you want it amputated; you pay the whole cost; if you need a proth; you pay the whole cost; just dont have the healthcare system cover any of it. Are you offended by what they are doing? Do you think the people with BIID are wrong for getting these surgeries done? A win-win future. So this woman feels bad about herself and desires the attention that more well-endowed women receive. So she subjects herself to a painful surgery and recovery to emerge feeling more complete and whole as a female. Now, is the doctor that performed the amputation fetish doing something unethical?

Amputation fetish

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