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Jaywalker wrote: It's not essentially wrong if it isn't harmful to anyone, but there is an immense taboo attached to it which should not be disregarded. Even if there was no harm, it's very likely that vegan advocates who support bestiality will hurt the movement by pushing it closer to that "extreme" edge.

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I believe more people will be deterred from becoming vegan if vegans support bestiality, and it's more important to increase the of vegans than make it ok to have sex with animals. Even I as a vegan think it's disgusting. Jaywalker wrote: Not to mention, it may not be possible for a third party to determine whether the animal consented or not in many cases.

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If it's made legal, more people can freely rape animals. Jaywalker wrote: With children, it's more about informed consent as he said. They are not likely to grasp the full psychological ramifications of the act - or even physical, such as an unwanted fetus. We know it's often not in their best interest to have sex. Jaywalker wrote: It becomes a grayer area the older they are, so it depends on the circumstances as with most things. I must say, it may make more people less likely to consume an animal if beastality forum was commonplace for some human to have just had sex with it.

Instead of worrying if the chicken was free-range, carnivores would worry that some guy just I'm new, so insert preferred reference to beastality forum here his dinner Cirion Spellbinder wrote: Is there a third party to determine whether or not consent was made for adult-adult intercourse?

Cirion Spellbinder wrote: Most of the time this is probably the case, but do you think kids generally cannot fully grasp the psychological ramifications because they don't have them explained until later on, lack the mental capacity to do so, aren't mature enough to care, or a combination of the three? Or something else if you have another answer. Cirion Spellbinder wrote: How do we define older? How do we know the value ascribed to older is not arbitrary?

PsYcHo wrote: I must say, it may make more people less likely to consume an animal if it was commonplace for some human to have just had sex with it. My original comment was made in jest, but the many comments here did make me really think about it objectively.

Simple answer, promoting bestiality would definitely harm the Vegan movement. Longer answer, the major sticking points come down to morality and consent. I'll start with morality. The interesting thing about morality is it is a group consensus. How do the majority of people feel about it?

But morals vary with time and locale. I'll use the extreme of pedophilia as an example. Before even starting this scenario, I want to make it clear I do not condone pedophilia You are having a conversation with your neighbor "Bob". You ask about his day, and he says "Well, after doing my morning chores, I received oral sex from my 8 year old neighbor, great kid by the way, then I worked in the garden for a while. That is immoral as you can get. But there is a tribe I can't remember where exactly, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna google it that separates young boys from girls around 7.

I'm cringing as I type, so I apologize Upon reaching adulthood, they marry and have a monogamous heterosexual marriage. The morals of this tribe obviously contrast heavily with the majority of everyone else. So to the original point, is it moral to have sex with an animal?

I guess it depends on whether you would tell your friends and family about it over coffee. So for beastality forum, and the majority of people, no. No it is not.

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Onto consent. Can an animal consent to sex? Humans are moving to make "verbal consent" the norm. Having been sexually active for many years, I must admit that I have never asked for or been asked to give verbal consent. If our relationships started to beastality forum physical, it was mutual and enthusiastically welcomed, yet using non verbal cues.

One person moves a hand slowly down, the other person removes clothing, is a pretty clear cue. But my partners and myself always had the ability to say "no", or even "not like that, like this! Even female dogs. I learned that from watching a female Lab in heat trying her best to let a male chihuahuayou know. Not knowing much about goats or horses, I assume they could show consent by not kicking you violently.

I sure wouldn't want to chance that though. So, can an animal give consent? The weird part is, I think maybe, depending on the animal. Mainly due to the whole male dog thing, he's definitely and enthusiastically into your leg, at least Wow, I'm even surprised at that. Weird, huh? Last thought, Veganism as I understand it, differs from Vegetarianism, because aside from not eating animals, Vegans don't exploit them for their own uses.

Thus the no dairy, wool, or honey. So if your pet sheep is really into you, and you find nothing wrong with it morally, is it o. Would it be o. You are taking advantage of them for your own personal gratification. I'm not Vegan, but I'm pretty sure most agree that bestiality is exploitation.

If you'll excuse me, I think my brain needs a shower. Beastality forum wrote: I'll start with morality. PsYcHo wrote: Last thought, Veganism as I understand it, differs from Vegetarianism, because aside from not eating animals, Vegans don't exploit them for their own uses. Jaywalker wrote: I think the judicial systems in at least some countries are reliable, or as close as we can get right now.

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Jaywalker wrote: If bestiality is legal it becomes easier to rape them without repercussions. If it's illegal, both consensual and non-consensual sex with animals are frowned upon. Jaywalker wrote: I don't know enough to answer that beyond speculation. Is it just because society considers it an abomination and children suffer post-realisation? Maybe you or someone else could clarify it. There is no clear line and every individual is different. Jaywalker wrote: I feel like you're just testing me here. Jaywalker wrote: Are you steering towards how adults beastality forum also make uninformed decisions that negatively affect them?

Perhaps we can start a new topic on pedophilia, if only to explore why it's morally wrong.

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Last edited by Cirion Spellbinder on Wed Jan 27, pm, edited 1 time in total. I was going to use the quote function, but my inexperience coupled with the fact my computer has been dismantled and "mostly" repaired made it difficult. Old fashioned way then. PsYcHo wrote: After reading the thread, just to make sure I'm on the sameDeontologists believe there is either good or bad, but Consequentialists are more likely to beastality forum that there are "gray areas.

Cirion Spellbinder wrote: I'm not sure what you mean by this. Why wouldn't these judicial systems work for beastiality? Cirion Spellbinder wrote: I'm not sure. Making drugs illegal makes them more sought out. Cirion Spellbinder wrote: Do you think making human sex illegal would decrease rapes? Cirion Spellbinder wrote: Ideally, each individual would be judged individually, but practically speaking, asing and updating an age of consent based on average behavioral distances would be neat and non-arbitrary.

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