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Charles "Charlie" White Jr. A popular example being his repetition in the usage of various words like 'nipple' and 'titties', which has become synonymous with his character. He is widely regarded as one of the "Funniest YouTube Commentators", [1] being ranked first by the percentage of votes in the "Top-ten" website, under the category of "Funniest YouTube Commentators". His choice of sentences are always very sarcastic, and he often repeats one "bored burger" joke and claims that it is the greatest joke of all time and always emphasizes how funny it is.

He is a longtime YouTuber, having been on the platform for nearly 15 years, and is widely considered as some of last "original" YouTubers on the site. White's videos and content has evolved over the years. In the beginning, the channel focused primarily on performing glitches on shooter games, such as Battlefield and Call of Duty, and later gaming guides for said games.

However, his videos later evolved into more big moist snapchat and commentary. Charlie started doing non-gaming related content with The Real Series which has him doing voice-overs on infomercials aroundlater around early he began talking about various types of topics, including internet drama, which is still a major part of the channel today.

Big moist snapchat

Through and into he started reviewing different types big moist snapchat media and creating the popular series Moist Meter and Liquid Ladder for ratings and rankings. He also does a year-end award show known as Moisties. SinceWhite has ed music videos onto his channel with his band, The Gentle Men.

Charlie ed YouTube as Penguinz0 on May 7, Following a brief period of time, he ed the oldest non deleted video which can be found on his channel on August 5 in the same year. It was titled "gears of war jetpack glitch NO Standby or lag switch AP" and its main topic was on the performance of a glitch in the video game " Gears Of War ". His video received little attention and he made a few other videos which followed by a video on a montage of his sniping in video games and a short series of videos attributing to Halo 3, Gears Of War Series, and Bioshock.

These videos all gained little reception and attention. Charlie gained brief popularity on his video where he actually commentated over it, which was "Aliens vs Predator Let Rock Achievement Guide". His low voice was noted by several YouTubers who had watched his video and praised his notable "deep voice" and "seriousness".

Charlie allegedly took note of his performance in the video and began commentating over several videos, though they mainly focused on tutorials and were more solemn. Charlie's first brush with humor was touched on in his video "Battlefield BC 2 Hilarious Round Saving Destruction", which was about an accident in the video game, Battlefield Bad Company 2, which he considered humorous. He would later several videos concerning humorous moments and periods transpiring through Battlefield Bad Company 2. Charlie's intentional sarcasm in expressing humor over commentating developed over a string of videos, he entitled the "Fun Tactics.

Charlie's first video in which he entirely focused on delivering humor in the form of insults and sarcasm through commentary was a video titled "Modern Warfare 2 Ground War Gameplay and Commentary". He deliberately gave a hilariously bad performance in playing a Ground War of Ream Deathmatch in the multiplayer category of "Modern Warfare 2".

In his content, he repeatedly insulted players who killed him while poking fun at himself and repetitive use of self-encouragement in which he praised himself while also using mild forms of criticism. The video, as a result, gained wide critical acclaim and performed better than his early videos in terms of views. He will later cover a variety of video games while commentating over Call of Duty games with the same "terrible" performances. Charlie's videos had gained high critical acclaim following his commentaries over video games.

They big moist snapchat often praised as "hilarious" and "sarcastic," and several YouTubers claimed to have cried out of laughter. Charlie repeatedly lashed out at the game itself and the production while attempting to move the character but fail. Charlie's primary focus was on sarcasm, commentary, and insult as he tries to complete the game.

Big moist snapchat

The video ended with him failing and cursing the video game. The video eventually gained popularity and Ray William Johnson took note of and reviewed it, establishing the humor and praised Charlie's sense of insults and association with the word 'nipple'. The video's view count subsequently raised at a drastic rate, and Charlie earned a considerable of views, along with his of subscribers increasing at an exponential rate. InWhite made a video titled "Charity" [2] expressing his desire to donate all of his YouTube earnings to charity because he didn't require the money at the time as he was living with his parents.

He made a second video in the same year titled "Charity 2", saying he had ed a partnership with Maker Studios and that he had set up a Twitter to disclose his charity donations. Thus throughout most of the early s all the way up to around lateCharlie had posted numerous gameplay and commentary videos on his channel playing various games and titles across multiple platforms and consoles.

Around he has also made what is arguably his most famous series of the channel, The Real Series, where he does satirical dubs over infomercials which has spawned some of his most viewed videos. On August 16,White through his Twitter said that his YouTube channel had gotten disabled due to him getting two strikes on two of his videos. Because of this, the day before he made a video on a second titled "Cr1TiKaL" to speak about the strikes. In the video he explains how one strike came from the video "How Budlight is Made", in which there was an animated male genitalia present, to which the video was removed, and the other strike coming from the video "Second Life Video", where White put a link to his budlight video which he re-ed to Pornhub.

In the response, White talks about how his videos were wrongfully struck going through YouTube's spam guidelines and showing that he broke no rules. Many YouTubers such as Funhaus came forward in support of White. On April 17 of the same year, White made a tweet and a video on his main channel, speaking about how the strikes had been lifted and both of the videos are back up due to. In the video, White thanks his followers and everybody who helped, and talks about how much YouTube means to him.

Sometime in mid December ofCharlie and 4 of his closest friends created the Official Podcast, one of the first successful podcasts that isn't Joe Rogan to air on YouTube, which is still running to this day. On March 6th,near the 10th year anniversary of the channel, for the first time on the channel, Charlie showed his face for the first time to his general audience in the video "10 years on YouTube". Many people consider this video as the beginning of the end of the Gameplay and Commentary Era of the channel, and into the modern age.

Since then, Charlie began to phase out his anonymous persona, soon eventually getting rid of it, which allowed him to do more videos about more personal things and stories about events in his life. This also led to more discussions about other random topic outside the gaming world and even the internet. Since he began broadcasting on Twitch. He streams games and watches chat suggested videos. Inthe channel gained nearly over 3 million subscribers in the same year. Charles managed to achieve one of the biggest gaming accomplishments, by defeating xQc in a chess tournament where he amazingly checkmated him in 6 moves.

He had also created a new series called the Liquid Ladder which rates item big moist snapchat food of similar uses and properties and rate which one is the best and worst. He also expanded on his Music project: "The Gentle Men" producing 5 songs in after " guy" in On June 15, Charlie released a video titled " Something Huge For You " in which he announced a scavenger hunt for big moist snapchat newest music video "Skynut" which big moist snapchat released on June 13, White announced that for the first five people who find four clues will be awarded a thousand dollars each.

Big moist snapchat

The clues were three unlisted videos on Charlie's second channel Charlie W and an Easter egg in the music video. The winners were announced on the comments of the third video. In SeptemberCharlie's YouTube channel received a community guideline strike for ing "graphic content with intent to shock. A "prank road rage video" caused his channel to receive the strike, which YouTube initially upheld big moist snapchat Charlie submitted an appeal. Shortly thereafter, YouTube received backlash for their decision, and reversed the strike, stating it was "an over-enforcement of their policies.

In late with the huge rise in popularity of the InnerSloth game Among UsCharlie began taking part in large online streams in collaboration with other large YouTubers, including PewDiePie and jacksepticeye. Charlie has become well-known in these videos to be extremely good at the game, often lying himself into victory with an impressive rate of success.

Charlie jokingly calls it an addiction with some audience members thinking it is an actual addiction. InCharlie still does most of the stuff he did back inwith Among Us being the only exception. One of his more popular types of videos is playing the Survival Game, Rust with the same group of friends he played Among Us with.

Big moist snapchat

In mid January, he purchased a warehouse that was of the market, which opens the possibility for much more bigger content in the near future, which is projected to once again boost the channel's popularity. In Apriltheir first single " Guy" was released. He is set to appear as Officer Greg in the upcoming horror film Last of the Gr.

Charlie throughout his channel's long history has created multiple series which were praised by the general audience of his channel, the following series are place in chronological order. This is the very first series that Charlie ever did on his channel. The series was a montage series for Gears of War where Charlie showcased his big moist snapchat in the game. In after the channel grew in popularity he deleted the entire series due to fear of getting strikes which Charlie talked about in the videos "Nostalgia" and "My Past". The only surving video from this series can be found on Gearsopedia's second channel Vysteriuh where Charlie used to submit videos to.

The series playlist can be found on the Wayback Machine. This series was made by White back on March 15th, This series also marked the first time that Charlie began to regularly since the past 2 years before he had only ed 27 videos.

Big moist snapchat

This last episode from the series was ed on September 16, on Blackout and was titled "Leap Frog". The series has been inert since then. Nevertheless this was a crucial part in the Channel's lore as it help the channel grow out of irrelevance. The jist of the series being Charlie fighting any boss of any video game in any way that his suscribers wanted him to. This is by far the shortest series that Charlie has ever done on his channel with it only containing two episodes. The first being for Fallout 3 and the second for Star Fox

Big moist snapchat

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