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Fleet Enema has an average rating of 8. Reviews that appear to be created by parties with a vested interest in the medication will not be published. I felt like I had to go, but I didn't have a bowel movement. The saline solution came right out again, and I'm still constipated; I'll have to go to the doctor's today to see if I can get enema lover x- ray soon. If your scared don't be. I really thought there was no way this fleet would break up what I had up there but did it ever. It is just unbelievable.

Enema lover

I usually use mineral oil but I had used a couple over about a weeks time. The problem was my intestines just didn't want push out a giant brick out of my butt and no amount of yelling at my butt was gonna work. Wish I had used sooner but I was nervous it wouldn't work even seeing all the reviews of people saying don't be nervous.

Enema lover

I'm telling you they are right the stuff is awesome. Wish it could be used more often but can cause dependence. I just started this new enema lover so I am new to constipation in general. About 4 days ago I had a slight urge to make a BM and went to sit on the pot. My stool had become painfully impacted. After this experience I was immensely traumatized and took a stool softener as well as upped my water intake.

After a few days of being terrified to even flex my sphincter to relieve flatulence I decide to try a Fleet enema to help the fecal impaction thats causing me so much distress. While mildly uncomfortable, the risk is very much worth the reward. After 10 minutes of naturally letting my colon release I had a strong urge to push and it relieved the impaction. I highly recommend! Also a bit sorry for the TMI, but if you've found yourself in a similar position as mine, I'm sure you're seeking all the comfort and reassurance you can muster.

Have a lovely day and best of luck to all!

Enema lover

I am 35 weeks pregnant and suffering from severe constipation. Hemorrhoids, urinary retention, you name it. So this morning I went to the Dr. It was such a painful experience. Nor did I want to. I still have more emptying to do. After trying everything else you can think of, I read reviews online about the Fleet enema and got one from Walmart. About 5 minutes after administration, I felt the need to go and expelled all of the fluid, but only a few pebbles of stool.

I decided to try to squeeze in enema lover last few drops from the bottle.

Enema lover

It was a massive rock one after another I finally got it all out, but what a horrible experience never ever want to go through that again ever. I have used an enema in the past and it work great no problems a bit of pain but went so fast nothing. This time not so good. Sorry for the disgusting details but wanted to let people know if your really really badly blocked it might not work on it own and might need some help along the way!! Good luck for anyone trying for the first time.

It is a life saver not going to lie!! I had tried these before and they worked but no one wants to use an enema so I waited. So I went enema lover and administered the enema. The trick is to hold on as long as possible and, not to go right away. Ready to take on my day! This time, I had a bad bowel obstruction from not going for 1.

I enema lover a hard time sleeping. My anxiety was SO bad. My doctor prescribed MiraLax and Senna-Lax 8. My husband went to the store this morning and brought back an enema for me. I took it at on the dot. I was slightly uncomfortable, but it was better than the side effects from constipation! It took about 8 minutes for it to work, due to the severity of my obstruction. It is now pm and I feel so much better! A little pressure in the anal area, but soooo much better!!! It exploded right out of me I was nervous for it not to work and I would be pushing without any relief but this thing worked like a miracle.

This was the only thing that gave me any type of relief for almost 3 weeks!!! Was prescribed a suppository and was to scared so my mom went and got me a fleet enema!!!!! Only hurt a tiny bit when it was being inserted but from then on I was fine!!!! It really got everything out!!!! Now I feel like a new person and have such a weight lifted off my shoulders! I have emetophobia!

Not even one bit! Was so worth it!!!!! I was desperate though so I did it. Didn't hurt one but and easy to do. I thought it would feel weird filling up with fluid but other that the temperature it felt like nothing. I felt the urge after like 2 mins and immediately released all the fluid and no bm.

Thought it wasn't working. Never felt better. Effects lasted 30mins and for comfort I sat on the toilet seat with a heating pad on my stomach the whole time. Super minor discomfort in abdomen right before a BM release for like 10 seconds but no severe cramping at all. All my bloating, constant strained tiny bms, gas, and chest back pain gone!

Try it if you need it!! I love this stuff! I'd been constipated for 2 weeks nothing worked at all. I was in pain, could not eat, sleep, walk, and finally wee. I had enough time to get this thing sorted out once and for all! I went to the chemist and got the enema.

I was soooo enema lover and did not know what to expect. First of all nothing no feeling nothing. Oh my what a sigh of relief when it finished. Why did I enema lover do this before?? Thank you my lord and thank you fleet enema. Just had my third c section. Surgery was on a Monday got discharged on Thursday. Once I got home Thursday I started taking Miralax. On Saturday I felt like I needed to have a bowel motion BM I tried, a little came out and then all of a sudden it felt like something was stuck in my butt hole. Sunday morning I took liquid dulcolax supposed to help in 30 minutes to 6 hours.

I got fleet. I had the solution in me for probably a minute and then I got on the toilet and then within a couple a seconds everything was out. It felt like I had two hard stools come out. Literally want to cry tears of joy right now. My only regret is not doing it sooner.

I tried another enema 2 hours before this and almost passed out. Ended up in the ER they sent me home with fleet enema and 10 to 15 min after using it instant relief - a little pain but was expelled in less then 20 seconds. By the way I was constipated close to two weeks. It felt like I was going to have a baby from my butt but the fleet reduced the size and it was easy to expel

Enema lover

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