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What is Preferred you ask? I took the time to dive into the site so that you can get a better understanding of what it is that this site has to offer. What I can say before getting into the details is that you should not be hiring any escorts period, especially those listed on P The site looks like an outdated spa services website which is likely displayed like that purposely.

My guess is that they want to avoid getting labeled as the typical bad escort directory e. I took a close look at all the information and details escorts 411 the website provides. The Terms basically iron out everything about the P website and they come out and explain the exact reason why the site is to be avoided. The website comes right out and states that they can and will revoke memberships, deny applicants, and cancel escort memberships anytime they want and you escorts 411 not be given a refund for your application fee.

Oh, let me not forget that the website can cancel, revoke, and deny your at any point in time. The preferred However, they absolutely will act as an open book if a local law enforcement agency approaches them and makes requests for data.

Escorts 411

Paying for a membership is going to do nothing to protect your information, period. As a member of this site, you have to agree that P is not to be held liable for anything that you do on this site. In other words, if you get robbed, a disease, or anything like that, they refuse to take the blame for your bad escorts 411. Sounds like something worth paying for right? The site right out there stating that they do not condone in partaking in any illegal activity.

Last time I checked, hiring someone to have sex with you for money was and still is illegal. Sounds real comforting to me! I dove into a few of the Ripoff Reports submitted on this site and they are awful.

Escorts 411

Most of them were reported years ago, but it just tells me the truth about this website. Ryan Malone is a serial dater who enjoys casual flings. He created this website for all the escorts 411 out there looking for the best ways to find casual encounters in all the weirdest places. You can follow him on Twitter and sometimes find him posting videos with opinions on dating sites on YouTube. Stop trashing the website and tell people where to go and where not to go. If you have never been a part of this website, you have no reason to review it!

P is still safer than going on Eros or any of those sites you mentioned.

Escorts 411

P has verified each person with real pictures and names. Oh and they are around 40 yrs old. So disrespectful. Yet you are out there on an escort site, just waiting for your time to get pinched. So who is worse? Megan, I have some questions about the ID verification to unlock my. God damn, this is a dumb review. Good look skirting the law, amigo. Stay out of trouble. Obviously a escorts 411 individual who was kicked off the site or has no clue about the industry. You can tell by his immature insulting comments towards the site and other commenters.

Escorts do not pay to be on this site. Disregard this nonsense. I took a look at your profile EroticMonkey. Seems legit…. That website made a profile without my consent or verification. I just found it the other day! Websites like that steal peoples photos and put them up to get people on there. Unlike p where they are submitted by the provider and not stolen.

YOU are an arrogant and ignorant schmuck who has a hatred and hardon against escorts and ALL escort sites. YOU are a pretentious prude escorts 411 knows nothing whatever about criminal law and procedure. You, my friend, are a JOHN. Just do it in a legal jurisdiction. Suggesting otherwise would be criminal. Come back with facts, and not lobbing out what you feel my agenda is.

I find it odd that someone who is advising against hiring escorts, which to the logical person, means he, himself is not in the hobby, is not only visiting escort website, but is delving in far enough to do a research study of it…. Reanne, I looked you up on AdultLook and a bunch of other escort sites. Hilarious, wow. Thanks to your lack of grammar, ridiculous claims, and clear escort-speak, many people will continue to avoid P and all the trash that congregates there.

Totally appreciate you putting an escorts 411 point on my perfect review. Hey…thanks for proving my point……. You seemed to have done some research, but why bother? Or just playing to yourself? Fred, why would I fuck myself when I can just fuck your wife and mom? Why, the moral superiority. You are obviously young by your responses. Yes, some bad things happen in the sex trade but for a lot of these people, they enjoy sex and get paid really well to do it.

For the Johns sure some are sad sack but most are just out to have some fun instead of going to a movie they want to fuck a stranger. No big deal. Lighten up and have some fun. Are you wanting free sex? I assure you nothing in this life is free You will have to buy meals, drinks, flowers, gas to pick her or him up, oh yeah you have to hear her or him yap about their feelings on everything…after all of that. After this no feelings, no texting back and forth about when am I going to see you again. Seeing it from another perspective might be all you need to humble yourself.

Good luck in the future.

Escorts 411

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