Girls big butt

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Girls, every single one of us is different. With the right bigger butt workout, you can have the booty of your dreams. The amount of reps and sets you perform for these exercises depends on your goals. For muscle size, or hypertrophy, we recommend you aim to achieve between reps in each set. You can build muscle at any rep range but this one works great for building strength and endurance at the same time.

In a bigger butt workout, a hypertrophy workout is probably your best bet. It will still make your booty stronger, but the main focus will be growing the muscle for a visibly perkier derriere.

Girls big butt

The weight should be challenging for 12 reps. If you have some fuel left in the tank, go for the extra set. Take three of the following exercises and use them to create a super effective bigger butt workout. To really feel the burn, complete a round of muscle activation before you start lifting weights. This way your glutes will be firing on all cylinders, ready to work hard. This is like the foundation of your bigger butt workout.

Add weight with a barbell or dumbbells to bring another level of challenge to your workout.

Girls big butt

Our top tip is to vary the width of your stance to target different muscles. So a slightly wider stance will likely help you in your booty growing goals.

Girls big butt

Before you add weight, make sure your squat form is perfect. Begin with your feet at just outside hip width apart and your feet pointed outwards at around a degree angle. Break at the hips and begin to move them back and downwards, keeping your weight on your heels. Keep your chest high and maintain a strong lumbar curve throughout the movement. Once you feel comfortable with your squat form, step under a barbell on the rack until it rests across the back of your shoulders. The lunge is one of the most effective exercises for targeting your booty. It drills right into your hamstrings and glutes to give you a real burner of a bigger butt girls big butt.

There are also a few different types of lunges you can use to mix up the intensity of your workout. Have a go at these to really get your butt working. This is one of the most glute focused exercises you can do. It requires strength and power from your butt and hamstrings which grows muscle in the areas you want them most. When performed correctly, you can also load your hip thrusts with weight for extra booty gains.

Form is key though on this one girls, so get that nailed before you start adding barbells into the mix. Begin with a hip raise before you move on to a weighted thrust. Push through your feet and tighten your glutes to raise your hips until your body is a straight, diagonal line from knees to shoulders. Hold a plate over your hips for extra resistance. For a hip thrust, sit in front of a bench with your knees slightly bent and your planted on the floor.

Rest your shoulders on the bench and push your hips up to the ceiling. Trying to not to move too far onto the bench with your shoulders, squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement before returning your butt down to the ground. A deadlift is one of the fundamental exercises for working your hamstrings and glutes. Throughout the movement, keep your back flat, your hips down and your abs in and tight for a strong core.

When you first pull the bar off the ground, straighten your legs, keeping your back strong until the bar is just above your knees. To bring the bar back down, reverse that motion. Stay strong and controlled throughout this movement for a safe form and girls big butt effective workout. Keep your bar close to your legs to stay in control and make the lift as efficient as possible. Add these exercises to your legs day to create a well-rounded, muscle-building big butt workout. Work them with the optimal rep and set patterns at challenging weights to start building muscle and a peachier, rounded butt.

Begin with glute muscle activation using resistance bands. You could add a pre-workout in the mix to keep you motivated. Subscribe to our mailing list to get the new updates! Related Articles. Check Also. Butt Workouts. Close Search for.

Girls big butt

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