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When sex education classes talk about sex, the physiological or biological mechanics are covered, not the psychological aspect. We often see characters in movies, TV and hottest fetishes act out of lust, but their motivations are often explained away as love, or kept opaque. Rarely does anyone discuss what it is that arouses them, or why it makes them feel such a way. To a degree, that is understandable — it can be hard enough to understand how your own arousal works, let alone to feel confident enough to discuss it — but the result hottest fetishes that leaves so many people reaching adulthood without ever having received solid information about sexual desire.

Maybe they were told that their desires, whatever they are, were dirty or bad when they were younger. Maybe they just got the impression that it was easier to ignore sexual desire than to open up about it or confront the reality of it head-on. But what if people came to realize that their desires were actually much more common than they thought? To get a sense of what it is that arouses people, we spoke to eight different sex experts about the most common fetishes, fantasies and kinks that get people aroused — so keep reading to find out if your biggest turn-ons are listed below.

Some fetishes are very common, such as a preference for submission and domination. Others are very rare, for example a sexual interest in mechanical objects. When it comes to sexual interests, the only real limit is the imagination. One way to deal with the feelings that can arise from having a fetish is to talk to other people who experience a desire for similar things. There's always going to be a risk to being vulnerable and sharing a sexual fantasy with a partner, because you aren't sure how it's going to be received.

This, though, is exactly why it's so important to start with a foundation of building a sex-positive culture of communication in your relationship. You can accept that you'll never scratch that itch with that person, and focus on other types of satisfying sex.

Hottest fetishes

Alternatively, you could try to negotiate other ways of meeting that sexual need without your partner. And finally, you may have to make the hard decision to leave the relationship, if kinky sex is non-negotiable for you. Consent is the most important part of going forward with any sexual act. It might take a few conversations, and a little time for them to become comfortable, but the majority of people will likely come around and many will end up finding the kinky experiences enjoyable.

Includes: Feet worship, footjobs, sexualizing shoes, nylons, stockings. When people think about sexual body parts, they often discuss the erogenous zones or the genitalia — penises, vaginas, breasts and nipples, even butts. But for many people, feet are one of the sexiest parts of the human body despite playing no obvious role in traditional sex.

Lovehoney sexpert Annabelle Knight agrees that foot massages are a great way to incorporate foot fetishes into your hottest fetishes life. Includes: Spanking, hitting, tickling, pinching, shocking, hot wax, ice cubes. That can include things like being smacked or spankedhaving your nipples pinched, having hot wax poured on you or simply being tickled.

While some aspects of sensation play, like erotic electo-shock, are relatively rare, basic impact play like spanking and biting are much more common, particularly for people or couples who have any BDSM leanings. However, some partners might balk at the idea of hitting or being hit in the face, and nipple pinching with your fingers might be easier to swallow than using full-on nipple clamps. Taking it slow and building up to more intense things is a better bet for success than asking someone with no experience to hit you in the face. On the other hand, a whip has a singular surface with which one can hit another person to inflict pain.

They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles. As sensation play often involves one partner asking the other to hurt them or cause some form of discomfort, it can be dangerous if not done properly. Regular candles have a high melting point for safety and these will burn or scald the skin. A good practice for this involves testing things on yourself before inflicting them on a partner. This gives your partner the information they need to know whether they consent or not.

Includes: Acting out scenarios, ageplay, raceplay, rapeplay, power dynamics. Would you ever want to pretend you and your long-term partner were lovers having a secret affair? If you think playing dress-up or make-believe hottest fetishes away once you grow up, think again. Some variety of roleplay is a pretty common fantasy, according to Riel. As a result of it being relatively common, finding role play erotic in and of itself is unlikely to raise many eyebrows. However, it depends on what kind of role-play scenes you want to engage in with your partner.

If you already have an idea of what you want to do, map out how you want to do it and what your partner will have to do in the scenario. When you talk to them, bring it up like a proposal. What turns you on and what turns you off? You can use costumes and gear if it helps you get into the mindset, or you can use nothing but your words and your body.

People tend to overcomplicate role play, but much of the action is in the mind before you ever do anything physical. Another potential negative outcome of role play involves boundaries of consent being pushed, also known as rape play. While some partners might be into this kind of dynamic, opting for the use of a safe word, many people will not. It can be off-putting at first to hear that a person wants to experiment with power dynamics and rape play, but if you establish boundaries and promise safety, it will give your partner more trust hottest fetishes you to try it.

Sex and its relation to power is a pretty broadly understood concept. In fact, much of role play centers hottest fetishes or explicitly on power dynamics, but domination and submission can still be incorporated without ever pretending to be someone else. In the bedroom, you can let go of the control and power that you have to carry with you in your day-to-day life, or you can finally have the power and control you crave that you may not get from your daily life. She notes that some of the aspects of psychological play — hitting, insulting or making demands — may seem deeply unpleasant to some people.

Hottest fetishes

Particularly in penetrative sexthe person doing the penetrating is often cast as the dominant partner, making the person being penetrated as the submissive. Depending on how power dynamic flow between you and a partner, it can even heighten the anticipation and the eroticism of the moment. Includes: Watching or being seen by others in a sexual way, in real life or online. Sure, most sex happens in private, but not all of it. Sex can happen in the heat of the moment — in a movie theater, in a car seat, in nature.

For some, the sex is more fun when being seen or seeableboth for those engaging in it and for those seeing it. There is also something hot and dangerous about the possibility of getting caught while having sex. What might be trickier, however, is convincing a partner to engage in acts of voyeurism or exhibitionism with you. If you need to be watched or need to watch people having sex to get off, that may turn out to be problematic in a relationship if your partner doesn't share that fetish or interest.

With all thing sex-related, you may need to find a happy compromise that allows you to explore this fetish without infringing on your partner's happiness. Keep in mind that it is illegal to have sex in public, so be sure you're secluded enough to not get caught. I suggest somewhere semi-private like a hotel room balcony or in a wooded area behind some trees. With hottest fetishes willing partner, you can play with aspects of watching and being watched within the context of role play in the confines of your own home.

Have your partner sit in a corner of the room or hide somewhere. Do a sexy strip tease out of your clothes and masturbate, pretending you don't know someone hottest fetishes watching.

Hottest fetishes

It can be very sexy for everyone involved. Includes: Bondage gear, leather and latex, Japanese rope bondage, handcuffs. Those are firmly situated within the realm of restraint play, which focuses on one partner being tied up or having their movement otherwise restricted, typically while the other partner is free to do what they please with them. Beyond just what type of person your partner is, another factor that can influence their reaction is what you find arousing. Some might love a full-on Japanese rope bondage set up, but get squeamish around handcuffs or spreader bars.

If restraint play is a big deal for you, see if you can find a version that your partner is most comfortable with or aroused by. While there are so many different ways to engage in restraint play, starting small is probably a good idea. What might that look like? The world is full of people who love breasts, penises and vaginas. However, getting them to agree to exploring it in bed with you might be a different story.

You can judge a lot by their immediate reaction alone. Trying any hottest fetishes fetish or kink has to be met with mutual consent, so having an in-depth conversation about it before trying to jump into it will make the experience better for both of you. If your partner is also open to hottest fetishes anal play, there are many things you can do together.

Alternatively, fingering or using anal be is another good way to explore anal play for beginners. Ideally, one of these options should be tried before proceeding to full on penis-in-anus penetration, as the receiver is likely to find that much more painful without any practice or preparation. Though anal play can be a lot of fun, it can also be very painful. As well, Riel notes that the butt is a complete no-go zone for some people.

A lot of people get off on the idea of having not just one partner, but two, three or many — potentially at the same time. The good news? This is so common that some people might not even count it as being kinky. There is something very hot about having another person in the room with you and your partner. It's totally normal to think about threesome and group sex scenarios. Fantasy is the stuff that makes life interesting. Some partners will find hottest fetishes idea of a threesome or swinging to be extremely hot, but others might feel insecure or jealous. For starters, you should know that this is a fantasy that you might have to keep in the realm of fantasy.

However, this is definitely something you can explore through dirty talk and sexting each other rather than making it happen in real life. If you are going to bring others into your sex life, however, Riel insists on the importance of communication. One easy way to get started? Watching it happen before you try to make it happen. You can have sex while watching it or masturbate together. Make sure you talk everything through extensively.

Hottest fetishes

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