How to get nudes from your girlfriend

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Not so much the super-airbrushed models who look inhuman as much as real women in everyday situations, just being themselves. Photo by Cristalliser At first though, I remember being to shy to ask. Too worried about offending her, making her feeling like an object, or just thinking I was some kind of perv. Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at… Photo by Jey Frias This determines not only most relations between men and women, but also the relation of women to themselves.

Thus she turns herself into an object — and most particularly an object of vision: a sight. Appreciate your girlfriend for the beautiful woman she is, and help her feel more comfortable with her physical appearance …then the photos will almost take themselves. Plus, if you can help her feel more beauty about herself, then you might become closer as a couple.

Then ask her how she would feel about that. Simple stuff, and you know how to connect with your girlfriend better than I, so follow your instincts. It could help to mention specific details that have caught your eye. Or the way she looks at you elegantly across the table of your favorite restaurant. Then, help your girlfriend open up by asking questions and really listening. That seems to add too much pressure. Instead, just seize a spontaneous moment, when you are both having fun and relaxed. Use the tips below to help her stay calm, just like you would help any of your photography subjects relax.

Choose a Comfortable Place Photo by Victoria Jane Choose a place she feels comfortable in, with a warm temperature and dim light. Maybe a room in the house she relaxes in, the living room, kitchen or a spare bedroom. Not sure why, but maybe it also adds too much pressure?

How to get nudes from your girlfriend

Natural lighting is best, so do it during the day, maybe on a lazy Sunday morning or afternoon. Bonus points for choosing a place that shows her doing something she loves, like in her studio, garden or maybe her woman cave? Add Props Photo by Knut Haberkant Give her something to play with to release a little nervous tension. Again, choosing something relevant to her passions will only make her more comfortable and improve the photos. Sometimes just random stuff to play around with can be fun, too, such as candles, hula hoops or other stuff you like to play with. Encourage her to dress in something she feels beautiful in.

Maybe she has a favorite dress? Or even her favorite chill clothes could work. Tweet this!

How to get nudes from your girlfriend

Suggest Poses Photo by Sandra Strazdaite Suggest some poses that are similar to how your girlfriend moves. You could use a posing app to show her how it looks. For example, if she likes to dance, then a pose resembling a dancer could work. Instead of shooting whole body shots, choose close-ups of different areas. Go for the bokeh effect. Something about that blur is sexy. Use lotion. Her skin will shine and stand out more. Sip some wine. A glass of wine or two will loosen things up. Give out lots of specific and genuine compliments.

Always let her know what looks beautiful and respect how vulnerable she is. Make this bonding session as important as the photo session. Be sure to ask for feedback, too. How did it feel for her? What aspects did she enjoy? What poses felt comfortable?

What felt uncomfortable? To be nude is to be seen naked by others, yet not recognized for oneself. Have you had positive experiences photographing your girlfriend or boyfriend? Photo by Cristalliser. Photo by Jey Frias. Photo by Nik [Nitro] Yur. Photo by Victoria Jane. Photo by Knut Haberkant. Photo by Sandra Strazdaite. Photo by Ivan Utyamyshev. Photo by Max Petrov.

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How to get nudes from your girlfriend

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How to get nudes from your girlfriend

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7 Tips for Shooting Alluring Photos of Your Girlfriend