Kik role play

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The Wiki has been up for only less than a week. Im working on it the best I can. The Home is not complete yet so you might prefer using the top tabs. People playing fictional or canon characters were interacting with each others in various scenaristics and settings. Today, the community is even bigger. Open groups helping the exchange of informations and creating what's known today as the Roleplay World of kik.

This count the active groups of roleplayers either they are open or closed. Known as Litterate Roleplay, this is when you play a character by using text.

Kik role play

Words can be said normally whilst actions may require quotations to avoid confusion. There are many type of Roleplay style which all plays by the same basic rules but has variants. This is the prefered way to play for most of the old time roleplayer, as it feels more natural and it was the main mode back in the days.

Kik role play

One of the issues, is that the use of Copy Pasting is used a little and we may have to deal with users that use the information hidding to their advantage. Making up fake abilities to conviniently turn the game to their advantage. If played with a kik role play Roleplayer, this mode can be a very nice experience. Making a Roleplay Experience very immersive and enjoyable. This is a Mode that is mostly like for people that are prepared and do not like to waste time on potential cheaters or Godmodders.

It may feel less natural, but the experience can be very enjoyable. All depends on the player's preference. Do not worry about getting your information used against youself since, even if the player has read your OC Sheet, his or her character doesn't know anything about yours. If informations are used against you, this would break the rules of Meta Gaming. This is also a reason why the use of a Judge is very helpful.

Kik role play

In Mid World, the two player have to choose a judge to which both of them will have to expose their OC Sheets. His role will be to make sure both of them use their preset abilities and avoid cheats as for break rules. This allow the players to go on blind about their oponnent and hide their own abilities.

Kik role play

All while making sure they are following their own sets of ability by having confidence to the judge they choosed. No transformations with no drawbacks. Realistic Melee This type follows the real world logic, restricts kik role play under or on human average, and uses real fighting styles and mechanics of a fight. Unrealistic Melee This type follows movie logic, such as those in fantasy kung fu movies, animations like Final Fantasy, etc.

Unlike RM, this type allows magical, high tech, fictional melee weapons and armor. Follows real world logic and real fighting styles, human capabilities. A character sheet is used both in Fighting Roleplay and Storyline Roleplay. Depending on the topic, setting and mode you are playing on, the character sheet may have some differences. Name: The name of your character. Obvously, it tells the others how to refer to you as when rolelaying. As for yourself, if you eventually make more than one OC, having a specific name of each of them will help you setting things up.

More than the name, you can also add the title s associated to that character. Ex: Thanatos, the God of Death. A Stance is a kik role play form of the OC sheet which would be the final draft. It's what you will be presenting to your opponent in battle. A small part of the stance will also depend on your turn.

If you're the first poster, you get the privilege of choosing the battlefield and setting so long as it's not biased or perfectly fit to your OC's advantage. Doing so would mean Power Play. As the second poster, you can choose to attack first and decide where your OC shows up on the field so long as it suits logic and such.

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Mostly short text for both speech and actions. Casual is carefree and sometime random. Context is not nessecary and often revolves around meangless mess. Memes and actuality may occurs.

Kik role play

This mode is rather unrealistic and off topic. Tend to die quickly enough. More like a Novel, this mode require a fair amount of text and details. Not only directing the actions of your character but the involment of the enviromnent aswell. This mode may have a tendency to use a lot of estetics and psychological thoughts. The lenght of text is decently kik role play than the Casual Mode. More detailed than a Casual but less than a Literate. Will mostly give less information about the surroundings and stuff.

This mode plays more casually. It's when you go against someone and get to know eachothers information on the spot. When a Character Sheet is not needed. This mode is used to avoid Meta Knowledge and a more real like experience when encountering an opponent. This is meant so you have to improvise most of the parts. Being able to hide your own capabilities and learning the other's abilities as well. This mode plays less casually than the OW mode. New World needs a lot more preparations. In this mode, the use of a Character sheet is necessary.

The sheet needs to list and explained the character's appearence, equipments and abilities. This way, noone will be able to cheat their character. NW makes the game less likable to be cheated. You can see in advance if your oponent follows the rules and ask questions to get additional details on the characters.

Kik role play

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