Mommy son fetish

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So my bf has confessed that he has a "mommy" fetish and has taken to calling me mom or mommy in mommy son fetish as well as "feeding" from my breasts. Basically I'm looking for advice to make it hotter for him as I find it hot, myself. The mommy role is a little less common but can still be just as sexy and intimate. I'm sure your partner has assured you that this is just roleplay and that it has nothing to do with actual children.

We can't really tell you what your partner wants out of the play or what role they would like. You'll need to have a conversation outside of the bedroom in a neutral setting and sort things out between the two of you. Do they want something soft, sensual, and nurturing? Do they want to play with darker themes of innocence and corruption? Is this bedroom only or would they like to let their 'little' playful, child-like side out in other ways?

Do they like pain? How much pain and applied in what way?

Mommy son fetish

First things first, you guys should establish a safeword. Green for "All good, keep going! Using a safeword is ALWAYS okay and no one should feel bad about it, it's your safety net while you explore all these things. Respect that, understand that sometimes things go sideways and learn from it. Then figure out what he absolutely doesn't want to do, what his soft and hard limits are. What are your limits and comfort levels with different activities?

Hash it out. Check in with each other often. So, establish safeword, discuss limits, discuss turn ons and fantasies, start slow and communicate often! CassieDawn I am not hitting on you, but this post makes me want to have sex with you.

I mean that in a genuinely curious, wouldn't that be fun sort of way. I hope this is a compliment and not the creepiest reply you have ever gotten. Ya know I've never considered myself a mommy person, but the scenario you just describe gave me a full hard on when I read it so maybe there's more to that than I ly thought. My wife calls me daddy during sex and it fucking turns me on so much.

We really haven't gone beyond that, but it's really not a fetish for us either. I'd say mommy son fetish online and check out some fetish porn together to get some ideas on what yall would like to do. I too have had this fetish for awhile, but I think it is very important to note that while many people may have this fetish, they may have it for different reasons. You should certainly learn these reasons in talking with him so that you can better understand the angle.

Mommy son fetish

From your post, it sounds like he enjoys the facets of being nurtured, so my advice would be mix in soft cute gentle language with more mommy son fetish requests. In dirty talk you can call him cute names like "my little boy" or "my handsome young prince" or "sweet baby boy" and see how he reacts, and then combine it with more explicit language like "fuck me" or "I want all your hot cum", things of that nature. Catching each other in the act of masturbation, peeping on one another in the shower, getting caught in awkward situations, these are some common ones.

Try to see what sort of mommy figure turns him on, does he want a sweet, gentle, understanding mommy or a strict, dominating, controlling mommy? Hmm, it's not a fetish of mine, but often with stuff like that is saying out loud that really does the trick. Calling him "My boy" or saying stuff like "Fuck mommy, sweety, fuck your mom! Which would he fit in? I personally wouldn't use the term 'mom', as it's probably closer to what somebody in his real life is called, whereas Mommy is more of an ideal, a power role. Posted by 5 years ago. Sort by: best.

And so on and so forth.

Mommy son fetish

Check in with each other often So, establish safeword, discuss limits, discuss turn ons and fantasies, start slow and communicate often! Hope this helps. Continue this thread. Amazingly helpful and insightful post. Thank you. Great post, thank you. Break his arms? When talking dirty refer to yourself as mommy. Best of luck! More posts from the sex community. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges. No exceptions.

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Mommy son fetish Mommy son fetish

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