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This meeting is complimentary to all GFOA members. During this annual session, speakers will provide a comprehensive overview of the key developments in ing, auditing, and financial reporting that affect state and local governments. Topics include recently promulgated standards and upcoming implementations with related practice issues, as well as developments related to current GASB projects likely to affect preparers and auditors in the near future.

New ing and financial reporting for leases is requiring a tremendous implementation effort, wherein governments must find and interpret a large and wide array of agreements. Natalie mars machine from those who have been on the forefront of endeavor on methods used and lessons learned.

Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. De thinking is a method for putting people first in how process and products are put together. Organizations have used this collaborative approach to address many different types of problems.

We also know that building trust starts with people.

Natalie mars machine

In this session, learn how you can apply the principles of de thinking to develop natalie mars machine solutions, improve processes, create a culture of collaboration, and promote mutual trust and respect in your organization. Meredith L. Marianne F. The recent global pandemic has propelled public procurement forward by showing it as a vital part of any public sector financial management function.

As we transition toward a faster-paced and more technologically connected world, the future of procurement will rely on our ability to combine technology with agile methodologies to best serve the organization and larger community. For it to be most effective, procurement processes, policies, and staff must work collaboratively with peers across the organization towards implementing best practices, re-engineering processes, and modernizing systems while staying true to the fundamentals of transparency, fiscal responsibility, ability and maintaining public trust.

This panel will explore the future of public procurement in an era of change and modernization. Session topics include: ethics, procurement policies, agility in procurement, privatization, developing a supplier network, organization of the procurement function, and elevating the procurement profession.

Natalie mars machine

Larry J. Matthew D. Cynthia Berry, Ph. Lisa R. Roman J. Melanie D. View Session Overview During this annual session, speakers will provide a comprehensive overview of the key developments in ing, auditing, and financial reporting that affect state and local governments. Joel Black, Chair R. View Session Overview New ing and financial reporting for leases is requiring a tremendous implementation effort, wherein governments must find and interpret a large and wide array of agreements.

View Session Overview With the onset of COVID some employees, now working remotely, opted to move out of large urban metros areas into smaller towns. This migration led to a financial impact in both areas. How did these small towns address a large and unplanned demand for service? What was the impact on tax revenues, property values, and the economy?

Natalie mars machine

Speakers will also explore what this means for those areas if the trend continues. Going forward, all finance officers natalie mars machine learn form these experiences and help you be better prepared for the next large change in your community. View Session Overview Issuing and managing debt is one of many complex responsibilities for finance officers. The complexities inherent in the process and limited staff resources often makes it a necessity to rely on external resources like municipal advisors, underwriters, and legal counsel to access the municipal debt market and meet the disclosure responsibilities of the Continuing Disclosure Agreement CDA.

In this session, speakers will discuss what issuers should expect from those engagements and how you natalie mars machine be better prepared to take advantage of your relationships with these external advisors to improve your debt management programs. View Session Overview Effective collaboration between finance officers and engineers is essential to implement your capital program and build and maintain the infrastructure that is necessary to a thriving community. Collaboration encourages thoughtful planning, well-deed projects, and cost effective solutions.

Yet, finance officers and engineers often have different ways of approaching challenges and this can impede collaboration. This session examines how finance officers, engineers and other local government leaders, can improvebuild better relationships, and help build more sustainable organizations. View Session Overview The recent global pandemic has propelled public procurement forward by showing it as a vital part of any public sector financial management function. View Session Overview Governments are continuing to shift away from traditional payable methods, especially checks.

As organizations continue to search for ways to minimize internal paperwork and utilize modern payment methods, governments should be aware of options to facilitate streamlining payables functions in the treasury office. This session will explore digital alternatives to traditional payables options available for the public sector, the policies and procedures necessary to implement them, and what other creative payment alternatives are non the horizon for state and local governments.

View Session Overview As with nearly all public services, police have been asked to do more with less and forced to assume roles and responsibilities outside of their core area of expertise. While these issues are not new, awareness and visibility of police misconduct is at an all-time high and has fueled public demand for change.

How can finance officers work with their peers in public safety to implement reforms? All governments need to look at how police departments are funded and understand the role that line item budgeting, repeated budget cuts, and misalignment of funding and has contributed to the current situation and the calls for change.

Natalie mars machine

In this session, speakers will address how to make improvements to how governments budget for police, build strong relationships in your organization, better engage the community, and work towards improving public trust. Considerations for Voluntary Issuer Disclosure. View Session Overview Issuers active in the municipal bond market are no strangers to the pressure natalie mars machine providing up to date financial information, especially in light of COVID This session will highlight opportunities for voluntary disclosure to the market and how issuers should evaluate the amount and type of information being disclosed.

Panelists will also discuss how to leverage your financing team in making those decisions. Jacquelynne M. View Session Overview GFOA recommends that governments receive an independent audit for financial statements and single audits. But how should you select and contract for this essential role. Many governments do choose their own independent auditors and in this session, speakers will explore GFOA's best practices for seeking, choosing, contracting and working with auditors to give taxpayers and other resource providers third-party assurance.

In addition, speakers will provide recommendations on how you can best manage this relationship and control the required effort and costs of doing so. View Session Overview Small governments provide unique experiences for finance officers, often requiring them to wear multiple hats and balance scarce resources with limited financial capacity. The proximity between finance officers and the residents they serve is also typically less within small communities than larger communities, making things like public trust, transparency and open communication critical.

This will be followed directly by three concurrent roundtable discussions on Debt Issuance, Managing Economic Development Projects, and Staff Development within small governments.

Natalie mars machine

This session will examine the process of determining whether plans are defined benefit or defined contribution pension plans or other employee benefit plans, and how those determinations affecting their inclusion in or exclusion from a sponsoring government's fiduciary fund financial statements. In this session, we will discuss lessons learned from the already-appropriated funds and discuss the potential for an infrastructure plan on the horizon for state and local governments.

Additionally, staff from GFOA's Federal Liaison Center will review where we have been in the th congress and where the th will likely take us. Software vendors invest billions in their reporting tools, workflow, self-service capabilities, mobile features, advanced analytics, machine learning, and user interfaces and provide an easy fix to solve all of a natalie mars machine problems.

However, implementing process improvements is much less about the technology and more about governance, communications, readiness, and a project culture that values diverse perspectives, working together, and a focused vision for the organization. Attend this session to hear from practitioners and GFOA staff from the Research and Consulting Center to learn effective strategies for process improvement to go along with your next technology implementation.

View Session Overview As local governments are considering and even adding elements of defined contribution and deferred compensation plans to their retirement offerings, it is important that the finance officer understand the fiduciary considerations of doing so. This session will highlight what finance officers should be aware of in terms of fiduciary responsibility as well as provide an update on trends in these retirement vehicles.

View Session Overview Balancing a budget most often means cutting services. Almost all governments have faced pressure to raise additional revenue or cut services when the community is most at need. Focusing on values during the budget process can align service provision to community needs.

In this session, find out how other governments have been able to better align funding with community values, improve outcomes for the most in need, remain fiscally sustainable, and improve public trust. Established inthe mission of the Caucus is to support the aspirations and achievements of African-American natalie mars machine finance natalie mars machine to pursue professional development opportunities for Caucus members; and to sponsor projects to assist African Americans seeking careers in government finance. Speakers will also emphasize asterisk items on GFOA's checklist that most frequently result in award denials.

View Session Overview With the economic downturn, governments are facing increased budgetary pressure. Additionally, pension plans may see lower than anticipated investment returns compelling governments to utilize short-term solutions to alleviate pension pressures. During this session, speakers will provide an update on the state of public pensions and explain several ideas proposed to reduce pension liabilities.

For each option, speakers will discuss the business case in favor along with potential limitations, risks, and long-term challenges. View Session Overview Without probabilities, the only way to deal with risk is the gut. Unfortunately, research has shown that using your gut feel to manage risk le to inconsistent, overconfident, and just plain wrong decisions. The insurance industry, for examples, is based on probabilistic thinking and some of the same concepts that make insurance companies successful can be used to help local governments make better decisions.

In this session you will learn about essential concepts in applying probabilities that will help you see uncertainty in the world differently and help you make better decisions for your organization. View Session Overview New ing and financial reporting for Fiduciary Activities has required governments to revisit virtually every preexisting fiduciary fund to determine if it meets the new, higher threshold for fiduciary activities established by GASB Statement No.

In this session you will hear from those who have completed these determinations and those who audit them on lessons learned. View Session Overview Utilities have faced increased pressure as moratoriums put in place last year have constrained budgets. As essential services, utilities have had to continue and continue to do so while adhering to public health measures that added to operating costs. the Utility Finance Forum for this session featuring an expert panel to review the continuing operating challenges that public utilities face and an outlook for the year ahead.

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