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No to rushing into another series right away. Instead, she focused on falling in love with the right writer, story, and character.

Her character, Eve, is a far cry from the role for which we know Oh best. They do have a few things in common though. They are multifaceted characters of depth who are part of a series where women call the shots both in front and behind the camera. It seems like she has another hit on her hands. Killing Eve has already been renewed for a second season before the first has even premiered. I love my work, it's really important to me. The actress underscored the importance of finding collaborators who she felt were on the same and shared the same vision as pivotal pieces and the reason she waited before jumping into a new project.

Disagreeing with the notion that the only appropriate response is the be agreeable, Pompeo encouraged other women to ask for more. She is being intentional about bringing up talented people who will diversify the industry and provide more opportunities for women and people of color in the future. Oh has learned one of the most important lessons in life — how to sandra oh snapchat for yourself. Killing Eve premieres on April 8, and you can watch the first episode here. Read These Stories Next:.

The Best Part Of Snapchat? These Celebrities. From Er. For years, fans have been following the ups and downs of Zoey Johnson and her friend group as they navigate the maze that is CalU and now Senior Year is fi.

The nominations for the Emmy Awards have been officially released, highlighting some of the TV shows that kept us going through one of the longest yea. Spoilers are ahead. Generally speaking, crying in The Bachelor franchise is usually bad news.

They mean an unprecedented amount of stress; a difficult brea. After more than a year spent inside, our relationship with television has changed drastically. For many of us, streaming services became a way to reconnect. Major spoilers are ahead. This season of The Bachelorette has been all about Katie kicking off villain after quasi-villain, and episode 6 once again begs the question of whether Kat.

Slight spoilers are ahead.

The notedly sex-averse Bachelor Nation seemed like it took a big step forward when the openly sex-positive Katie Thurston was na.

Sandra oh snapchat

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