Sensory deprivation kink

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We all know that humans have five senses. When you forcefully take one of those senses away, it requires you to focus in and concentrate more on the senses still available. And that is exactly the purpose of sensory deprivation BDSM. In a sexual setting, the absence of one or more of your senses will provide you newfound pleasures through the heightened focus of your other senses, creating an entirely new aura surrounding your physical and mental self and how you respond to this kinky sensuality.

So if the idea of placing a blindfold firm around your eyes so that your entire body can hone in on only the feeling of touch while you blindly explore yourself with your favorite sex toythen you will surely find much satisfaction in further pursuing other aspects of sensory deprivation BDSM. Sex is extremely physical. Much of our sexual fulfillment is derived from tangible sources, and touch allows us to feel exactly what happens when our sex organs are sensory deprivation kink to the point of climax.

Sensory deprivation kink

So when you take such an integrated, keystone aspect of sex away, not only will this create the sense of never taking touch for granted again, it will also open your eyes to ensuring that your other senses are also catered to. To promote sensory deprivation through touch, there are a few ways in which you can approach it. Unless you are experienced in sensory deprivation BDSM, then you probably want to start slowly and simply before progressing into much more serious means of touch deprivation.

You can begin by not allowing your partner to touch themselves or your skin.

Sensory deprivation kink

Tease them by inching your body towards them as you sensually undress, hovering so close that they can feel your warmth radiating, but do not let them place a hand on you. Touch yourself while they watch in awe and ache to in on sensory deprivation kink fun. More aggressive forms of touch deprivation include quite literally inhibiting the skin from receiving any sensation at all. Latex suits or plastic wraps offer a complete bodily cocoon, creating a barrier of touch from the outside world. But remember, this type of BDSM play requires careful experience, as these suits can be suffocating and some people suffer latex allergies, so approach this carefully.

When you are depriving your partner of touch, remember to also focus more on the other senses. Use your voice to further tease them with sound, light a few candles to invoke their smell, for example. Taste is a tricky aspect of sensory deprivation BDSM, and because of the relationship between taste and smell as one clearly influences the otherthese senses can really be grouped together.

To limit taste, you should first aim to also limit smell. Make sure that the room is free of any overwhelming odors, especially those that smell good like a candle or a diffuser. To further block out this sense, nose plugs are one of the most effective methods of doing so. To deprive taste, the best way is to instead completely overwhelm this sense.

By introducing extreme flavors, this will entirely encompass the taste buds. Try introducing extremely sour, spicy, or bitter foods to the pallet. Think sour candies or hot sauce. You can force your partner to rinse with mouthwash as well so that the next tastes that they come across, most likely the taste of your skin, will be masked by the rinse.

Sight deprivation is one of the most common and easily accessible methods of sensory deprivation BDSM. By taking away one of our most used and relied sensory deprivation kink senses, this is the most effective way in which you can force the body to focus on other sensations. You can never go wrong with a blindfold. As your partner wears one, allow them to touch your body and feel your every curve and piece of skin. You can have them lie back as you please them however you wish, and they will absolutely relish the surprises to come that you have in store.

Tickle a feather or a pinwheel along their back to send sightless goosebumps up their spine. Whisper in their ear to invigorate their imagination through the sense of hearing, and light moaning will have them curiously wishing to see what their eyes currently cannot.

Sensory deprivation kink

With sight limited, their feeling of touch will be extremely heightened. Use sex toys on your partner as a tease, give them oral as they crave to watch you in action.

Sensory deprivation kink

You can of course leave the blindfold on during the actual intercourse as well. For other sight reduction methods, you can simply turn off all of the lights or place a tight hoodie around their head to limit peripheral vision, or use your hand to forcefully cover their eyes through this dominant form of fun.

Ahhh, the sounds of sex. The moans, the screams, the dirty talk. We love it. And when you take it away, it is quite the interesting sensory deprivation BDSM experience. To limit the sounds of sexthere are few simple methods by which you can do so. Noise-canceling headphones or even just earplugs are an easy go-to option. Use your facial expressions as a means to express how the sex feels, and entice them by making them lipread your kinky words.

If it sounds weird having sex with headphones, then something like a tight hoodie around the ears or pillows will at least mute the sound and sensory deprivation kink them to adhere more to the other senses as well. You can also deprive your partner of the sensation of hearing by forcing them to listen to loud music. Although the music itself is a form of sound, this will make it so that they cannot hear what they really want to hear, which is of course your enticing and sensual voice. If you choose to use the same song over and over between different sexual interactions, this will create a form of psychological remembrance that, when the music starts to play, will immediately initiate their desires for sex through this classical conditioning.

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Sensory deprivation kink

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Sensory Deprivation