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The question was asked by a user who goes by the handle M in a Telegram group chat with scores of pornographic photos and videos, some featuring Singaporean victims. CNA has redacted his full username. More than 1, members had access to the content when the group was still active in mid-October, with content ed daily. These do not include two Telegram chat groups called SG Nasi Lemak and SharingIsCaringwhich made headlines earlier this month for allegedly distributing pornographic materials.

Authorities have charged two men and two teenagers for their suspected involvement in disseminating pornographic content in SG Nasi Lemak. In a separate conversation seen in the same group chat, another user known as R sent photos of him having sex with his ex.

Another user egged him on to send more, especially footage where her face could be seen. But R decided against it. R did not send any more photos or videos after this conversation. In the same group chat, CNA saw that there were links to child pornography, with victims who appear to be Caucasian. But such material telegram sex not commonly found in telegram sex chats seen by CNA, and frowned upon by most users in the other chat groups, who asked for such content to be taken down.

Telegram sex

They are fine, however, with other disturbing material CNA saw being circulated freely — from videos of young girls showering, to upskirt photos and even cases of revenge pornography involving known Singaporean victims. Anyone can a private Telegram group chat if they have the invite link, or is added by someone already in the group.

Once a person gains access, it is easy to find similar groups. The membership s of the 13 groups vary — from as low as to as high as nearly 40, as of early October. Of the 13 groups CNA saw, six telegram sex them have more than 10, members. More than half were still active in the same period.

Telegram sex

Checks showed that nine of the group chats were created in and - one dated back to mid CNA also saw evidence of the backup plans for communication hatched by members in these group chats in case the original group gets taken down. A victim, who wanted to be known as Dania, agreed to be interviewed via text messages. According to Dania, her torment began eight years ago, when her ex-boyfriend leaked her photos online. Her face can clearly be seen in those photos. They are still being circulated today, with links to the images recently sent to one of the Telegram chats.

She said the first few months after her images leaked online were the most intense for her. Telegram sex had to scour the Internet to see where the photos had surfaced, and file take-down requests to the sites in question. While she had sought help from a lawyer who sent a legal letter to her ex-boyfriend to stop him from posting more content, the damage had already been done from his very first click.

With the proliferation of Telegram chat groups that distribute such content, illicit content could literally be in the hands of the participants. Mr Tan specialises in information technology law, and has handled four cases in the last five years where victims had intimate footage leaked either by jilted exes or via hacked devices. The lawyer said that members of the group chat could potentially fall foul of Section of the Penal Code, which criminalises the circulation, possession, and sale of obscene materials.

If convicted, offenders can be jailed for three months and fined. If the telegram sex act itself is of a fairly depraved nature, all these will enhance the sentence.

Telegram sex

In the group chats, it is common to find links from file-sharing sites like Dropbox and Mega. The links typically lead to folders of women in various states of undress or performing sex acts. In some instances, details of the victim's workplaces or schools were available. Some victims also had scans of their passports, ICs or student passes ed alongside the explicit content. While the file-sharing links are typically shared freely in the group chats, some participants were out to make a quick buck.

One telegram sex claimed to have 1TB worth of photos and videos of girls he knew, and he was looking to sell his personal collection. Telegram sex cautioned each other against using their real photos as profile pictures, raising suggestions like using burner apps or s to hide their real identities. Burner apps are typically used to create temporary s so a person is not easily traceable. Members responded. We saw one instance where a user was publicly welcomed into the exclusive club, and was presumably added. Mr Tan said such a practice could encourage users to commit criminal acts in order to contribute more obscene videos and images.

Senior case manager at the Sexual Assault Care Centre Lim Xiu Xian said the group chats perpetuate a culture where the objectification and sexualisation of women is made a casual thing. Trying to stop the proliferation of such leaked footage also exacts a heavy toll on revenge porn victims. The issue of self-blame and shame is also there. For victims like Dania, these group chats demonstrate how revenge porn victims are blamed and shamed - repeatedly.

Ms Lim also pointed out that the activities in the group chats are considered image-based sexual abuse.

Telegram sex

The term covers many types of sexual footage taken or shared without consent, including revenge pornography, upskirt photos and sextortion. It can also cover instances where photos of fully clothed women are distributed in a sexualised environment for the gratification of others, like in the Telegram chats. CNA saw many instances of Instagram posts hived from public social media s and posted in the group chats.

We spoke to one victim who wanted to be known as Sarah. After a friend told her that photos from her social media s surfaced telegram sex one of the Telegram group chats, she made a police report. Even though she was fully clothed in the pictures, she still felt violated.

Telegram sex

Sarah has no idea who circulated her photos in the chat, but she found out her former schoolmates were in telegram sex group. However, nothing could prepare her for the shock of seeing her former school coach in the chat group as well. While members can hide their phone s from strangers on Telegram, the anonymity is not certain. Users can check if someone is in a chat group if they have the person's saved in their phone address book.

AWARE advises victims to immediately start gathering evidence once they realise their photos have been leaked online. This includes taking screenshots of who is sending and receiving the content. If they know who the perpetrator is, they can also choose to make a police report. Victims may also file take-down requests with sites where the photos are ed. As for Dania and Sarah, they hope that members of the public who come across illicit content or group chats can report them to relevant site owners, and to not further disseminate the content. Editor's note: The first version of this story included the name of a school, which has been removed.

Skip Jump to Main. Women's rights group AWARE says the sharing of intimate photos and videos of a woman without her consent is an act of sexual violence. Telegram sex are looking into 13 group chats on Telegram.

Telegram sex Telegram sex

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All Members of Telegram Sex Video Chat Groups to Face Police Probe