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Day 8 of the NSFW smut writing challenge. Words: Player: Jesse Lingard. Warnings: just a whole lotta handlove, male and female orgasm, dirty talk. Originally posted by king-pogba.

Tumblr skype sex

You know how it is. They lapse into a few minutes of easy conversation as she tells him about her day, any interesting things that happened in her class and she asks about the drive to the away stadium and what they were planning to do tonight. Her fingers drop a little more, popping the second button, now exposing her bralette. She runs her fingertips over her breast through the fabric concealing her as her other hand continues to slowly unbutton her shirt.

Tumblr skype sex

Turning his attention back to the screen, he watches as she shrugs out of the shirt and places her device on the bed. Absolutely stunning babe. His hand reaches down into his sweatpants and rearranges his semi-hardening cock. He sees her reach over to something off camera and again, the device is moved. When she comes back into focus, he has to bite his tongue to stop himself from groaning. Wanna see. She lays back, moves her feet and exposes herself to him and the screen.

Jesse quickly finds his earphones and connects them, not trusting her not to say something rude or to moan to get his attention.

Tumblr skype sex

He wets his lips, unable to stop his staring as her fingers move over her folds and strokes over herself. Jesse swings his legs over the edge of the bed, pushes himself off it and pats Marcus on the head. Just gotta do something. He fumbles in his pocket for his card key and lets himself into his own suite.

His fist closes around his shaft and begins to pump. His eyes match hers; lower down on the screen and fixed firmly on what his hand is doing, just like his is fixed firmly between her thighs as her fingers get to work upon her core. Jesse watches as her fingers slip between tumblr skype sex folds, dips inside of her two finger knuckles in and moans at the sensation of being partially filled.

She pumps them in and out of her, they become more and more slick with her wetness as his hand picks up speed. He wants to tell her that he wishes it was his fingers too. Shit, he wishes it was his head buried between her thighs and his tongue deep in her core. He wishes he was licking away at everything that she was giving to him, taking everything offered and only adding more pleasure. His hand speeds up before he pulls it away and spits into his palm again to add more lubrication. Jesse allows his mind to wander, to drift between watching her fingers slip in and out of her while her thumb rubs a tumblr skype sex, unbroken circle against her clit and thinking his dick being sucked.

He watches her other hand reach up and palm her breast, pinches her nipple and tweaks it into a hard peak. He notices the way she moves her hips against her hand, needing more than she can give herself. His words fail him. Remaining quiet, he loses himself in his actions, focuses on how good it feels and slips back into his memories.

Her moans, how she says his name as she nears his peak drives him forward. His pace matches hers. Watching her orgasm like this is something else. He knows the taste of her as she comes, spurting over whatever was fucking her at that time. He drops his phone quickly to yank up his top only to pick it back up again and watch the aftermath. She pulls her hand from between her legs, lifts her fingers to her lips and sucks on them hard while her thighs rub together.

She hums happily, a look of pure satisfaction upon her face. Fucking my tight pussy Jess? Expletives fall from his lips as his hand steadies at a slower pace; his cum splatters his stomach with several final strokes of his hand before finishing. He lets go, his dick slapping against his skin with a thud as he laughs. But it sure beats asments. Recent updates.

Tumblr skype sex

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