Why do girls like to be spanked

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Sexual Health. Do girls like spanking guys? Share Facebook. Do girls like being spanked? Add Opinion. Ashleyreep 79 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Xper 5. Many, and I mean it when I say many girls enjoy being spanked. For some it's because of a deeper fetish, others just like it because. There is no way to fully explain why they enjoy it. But I know for a fact that during sex, something that would hurt in an average setting, can change to highly erotic and sexy.

Pain can be pleasure. That I would say is a bit different. I would assume, I don't know, because I'm not a guy that many men would like this. To be controlled almost. In a kinky way. But I would say less girls spank men, then vice versa. Not that they don't do it. Just that it's less common I would say.

As always though, it's something that you have to discuss with a partner. My answers? Being Spanked-Yes Spanking-Why the hell not. It is a common fantasy of mine. I often imagine imagine a man spanking me over his knee or while he's giving me doggy. I wouldn't mind spanking a man, but I read men don't like to be spanked.

I guess I'd ask a guy before surprising him with a little spanking, lol. Up Now! Related Questions.

Why do girls like to be spanked

Show All. Girls, does being spanked turn you on? Do girls like being spanked or being called naughty? Girls, why do you like being spanked during sex? Is there a physical reason why you enjoy being spanked in a sexual context? Sort Girls First Guys First. Arianti Xper 5.

Why do girls like to be spanked

I love it when I just bother with sth and my boyfriend spanks me just for 'fun' but I mostly love it while having sex! I love being spanked, during sex and randomly assuming of course it's my boyfriend. I don't really spank a guy, eventually during sex ,on his lower back, but it's more like a reflex I don't think about it. Do guys like it? I hope so. Some guys like to spank a girls boobs, and I find that can be really uncomfortable, anywhere else its great.

Xper 7. And id probably love it just as much as you girls .

Why do girls like to be spanked

Tammi Xper 3. Yes with a belt or a paddle more it stings the better my bottom be so stingys and red when my boyfriend done spanking me my bottom be so sore he would be taking a paddle to my bare butt spanking me till my but so stingy I can't sit down. Did I Like It? Related myTakes. What Men Really Want in a Woman What Women Really Want in a Man Do people call you homophobic?

Maybe you are not! The road not taken: Dealing with the choices in life we regret! Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Why do girls like to be spanked

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Do Women Like To Be Spanked?