Women who like to spank men

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Vendido por: Amazon. Omitir e ir al contenido principal. From Book 1: Women who spank men - and there are plenty of them around - are represented in each book appearing in this multi volume series. Wives, girlfriends, mother-in-laws and sisters are ready and able to do what's needed to keep recalcitrant men in line, along with strict teachers, mothers, and even grandmothers.

And what a formidable array of disciplinary tools they use for the job - hands, canes, crops, paddles, straps, wooden spoons and the ubiquitous hairbrush. Read and enjoy. Consigue la serie en Kindle. Comprar los 17 libros de esta serie. Se produjo un error. Libros en esta serie 17 libros. Ocultar libros que tengas en tu biblioteca Kindle. Women who spank men - and there are plenty of them around - are represented in each book appearing in this multi volume series.

David attends a session with Janine and tells her how difficult the situation is for him. She responds by explaining that her role is to provide encouragement and guidance, and that he has to trust her. As they talk, it emerges that when David's Aunt Angela died, his existence changed drastically and he was left with an enormous gap women who like to spank men his life that no one or nothing else could fill.

But Janine knows what he needs, and once he has decided to go through with it, the role play commences and he is chastised by Aunt Janine who follows through with a dose of the slipper and an over-the-lap bare bottom spanking! It transpires that Aunt Janine's spankings are a very good form of therapy. Darren has such a mighty ego that he thinks of himself as God's gift to women. Unfortunately, he is blinkered to the actuality - that female reactions to his advances are expressed as repulsion, disgust, indignation, or amusement.

In an ebullient mood, Darren attends the office Christmas party and makes a real nuisance of himself, earning the displeasure of colleagues Linda and Heather - and also his wife, Sylvia. Darren is sent to wait in the car while Sylvia speaks to Linda and Heather. If Darren expects the episode to blow over, he is proved wrong. Sylvia, a firm believer in corporal punishment, informs Darren that he is to be whipped for his behaviour at the party, and that the victims of his abuse are to witness the whipping.

Darren being Darren expects a light spanking followed by a sex orgy where he can show off his magnificent cock. How wrong can he be? Megan and her friend Rachel are asked to babysit for the much younger husband of high-powered businesswoman Amanda Jones.

The girls are required to see that year old Robby does not disappear off to the pub or break any of his wife's rules. Mrs Jones sounds Megan out on how she feels about spankings - because whenever Robby is grounded, he also gets an early bedtime and a spanking. Megan agrees, and is informed that another part of his punishment is to have his beer and cigarettes confiscated. Predictably, once his wife has left, Robby asks the girls for a cigarette. They refuse and instruct him to return to the kitchen in 20 minutes dressed in his PJs and ready for punishment.

Megan takes the strap and gives him the first part of his spanking on her own, and a very able Rachel helps deliver the second part. Since the reading of his father's will, Tod Stephen's life changes - because in a final attempt to make his son appreciate the importance of discipline, Tod's father's last wish was that his son receive a sound hairbrush spanking from Ms Greene, and only then will Todd qualify to inherit his father's substantial fortune.

Liz Greene, a beautiful young lawyer, takes great pleasure in administering discipline to Todd, and women who like to spank men it a huge turn on.

Women who like to spank men

She suggests a repeat performance. How can Todd possibly refuse The Right Cousin by KD Pierre: Kurt, a popular spanking story author, is shocked when he discovers that his cousin Dana not only likes his work, but recognises one of his older stories entitled The Wrong Cousin. She makes Kurt a proposition, and after much deliberation, he accepts and goes to Dana's house. He strips naked for his spanking, which is witnessed by Dana's partner Jodie Kurt finds the experience cathartic and it enables his younger self to find peace and fulfilment at last.

A Heavenly Job by Colin Daniels: On her first day as acting principal at St Gregory's up-market private school, Diana finds a cane above the bookshelves in the office. She examines it in detail, thinking it would be perfect to women who like to spank men on her inconsiderate and selfish husband Greg who has been rude and abrupt with her on the phone. At home that evening, she warns Greg what is going to happen if he doesn't shape up, and the next evening she moves forward with her plan to discipline her naughty husband.

She begins by putting on a white lace blouse and a black mini skirt, worn with high heels and her reading glasses to make her look sexy yet stern. Greg is amazed at the transformation and suddenly realises he is no longer in control New House, New Arrangement by Jonathan Quincy Graves: John and Madge have a stressful time dealing with building and financial problems whilst waiting for their new house in the country to be built.

But at last the big day arrives when they can move in to their new home. It is particularly ificant for John as he envisions this final move to be a real life-changing event, and is determined to make it so. That is why he has been hard at work women who like to spank men hand-crafting a laminated wooden paddle with a contoured handle. During his thirty years of marriage he has often fantasized about being taken over the knee of a capable woman but never quite found the courage to tell Madge - but now, with a new location and new situation, he hopes there can also be a whole new dynamic in their relationship.

Madge is asked to 'call the shots' in the bedroom - and discovers she enjoys doing so! John is suddenly very apprehensive, but it is too late to back out now as Madge is wielding the paddle His boss is a severely-beautiful older woman, Miranda Wells. Stuart is called into her office where he is put in the position of trying to explain his fraudulent expense claims for the month.

Miranda tells him he should be fired for falsifying his hotel expenses, but offers her youngest employee another way out instead. From her desk she retrieves an eighteen-inch long wooden paddle drilled with a neat grid of circular holes, and uses it good and hard on Stuart's bottom.

He eventually leaves her office, red-faced, sore and dishevelled, and is further humiliated when she docks two days pay from his salary, rejects his monthly expense claims, and threatens him with a bare bottom paddling if he should ever do it again! Spanking School by Stephen de Medici Gloria teaches an adult evening class - her subject is erotic spanking! The ladies who turn up to Gloria's class are inexperienced in spanking, and they find the practical demonstrations very enlightening.

The naked man in the corner is Gloria's husband John, and in no time he is over her lap getting a sound spanking. Then the ladies get their turn to spank him too. Gloria also insists each lady should know what a spanking feels like before they go home and practice on their husbands, so the class members spank each other and learn new techniques.

Women who like to spank men

John misses this as he waits at home for his wife to return and deal with him - but his mother-in-law turns up instead and metes out some well deserved discipline. As the course progresses, John greatly enjoys the humiliation and embarrassment of being spanked in front of an audience, and his bottom is introduced to hand, hairbrush, cane, slipper and wooden spoon This volume contains another diverse collection of domestic femdom spanking tales.

In our lead story, A Paddling in the Evergladeswe are introduced to a married couple, Edward and Carla, who share a spanking relationship.

Women who like to spank men

Although Carla allows Edward to spank her, he has ly done so in a selfish manner with little consideration for her own wishes and desires. Having discovered that Edward has bought a new leather strap, Carla insists that he should allow her to first test it out on him. Edward realizes that, despite spanking him, Carla has shown great consideration - an attribute he has sorely lacked when spanking her. Following the strapping, he seems a changed man and the pair continue to explore their new dynamic during a trip to the Everglades.

At their camp, Edward is given a safe word and subjected to a paddling from Carla, who he now refers to as 'Mistress' as part of their newly established female-led relationship This volume in the Women who Spank Men series contains another diverse collection of domestic femdom spanking tales: Crash by Anthony Alba: Late for a school uniform themed party, William reverses into a parked car. Much to his surprise, the car's owner turns out to be his former teacher, the drop dead gorgeous, Miss Campbell.

Women who like to spank men

When he confesses to having no insurance, she decides a spanking is called for. It turns out that this is something he has long fantasised about, but it seems he was not the only one. Mrs H's Switch by David Islay: When Bobby brings Linda home an hour late, he is upset to learn that her mom intends to switch her as punishment. He nobly takes the blame and offers to accept Linda's switching instead, unaware it's to be delivered on the bare. He is confused later about his arousal regarding the very painful experience. Bobby confides to Linda about how being spanked is a turn-on; he then convinces her to use the switch on him regularly, and their relationship intensifies as they explore their desires.

Services Rendered by Thomas Bruns: Michael has come to a professional Disciplinarian for help with his gambling addiction. After discussing their arrangement and getting to know each other, Women who like to spank men Davenport restrains him and paddles him over her knee with a Lexan paddle. Ricky's First Spanking by Brian Bowman: Twenty-one-year-old, Ricky, has never been spanked, but the idea has fascinated him for years.

He has also long had a huge crush on Mrs Gibson, a neighbour and friend of his mother's, who he knew to be a spanker. Some time after his family moved away, he returns and pays Mrs Gibson a visit. She gets him to disclose his feelings and then provides his first ever spanking. Maybe Not Nice by Peter Martin: Robert has long had a secret spanking fetish, but has never discussed it with his wife, Susan.

While his wife is out, the cleaning woman, Eva, catches him reading a spanking mag. The following week she returns and his fantasies are fulfilled when she spanks his bare bottom over her knee, followed by a caning on the bed. But, what will happen will his wife finds out? Backpacker's Campsite by Guy Spencer: Married couple, Evan and Jane, are spending a long-awaited week in a secluded backpacker's campsite at the state park.

Their romantic getaway is clouded by an impending punishment, resulting from Evan's impulse purchase of a fancy new tent and air mattress. Mid-week, tired of putting off the spanking, the couple decides to get it out of the way.

This volume in the Women who Spank Men series contains another diverse collection of domestic femdom spanking tales: Stinging the Future Son-in-Law by Bill Board: Lori is suspicious of her daughter's partner, Jamie. She has secrets in her life, and feels that he is far too nosy.

She sets up a sting which Jamie falls for in a big way, resulting in a vigorous hairbrush spanking which makes him promise to change his ways. Bad Timing for Rodney by PJ Manners: Rodney hires a professional disciplinarian, Miranda, and presents her with a list detailing the misbehaviors for which he is to be punished.

Women who like to spank men

He is over her knee receiving a sound paddling when his girlfriend arrives unexpectedly… You by Patrick Kaykes: His spanking needs are not being met at home, so he goes to an online spanking site to find a woman to fill that role.

Both are married, both have children, both agree the relationship is limited to spanking only. They meet regularly for several months and become close. Is it cheating? What could possibly go wrong? She sends him away to write an apology and consider a suitable punishment.

He asks to be caned, and although this is illegal, Miss Stewart proceeds to give him the traditional six of the best. However, all is not as it seems. Finally, her patience is exhausted and she decides that the only way to change his ways is by giving him a mouth-soaping and putting him over her knee for a good, old-fashioned hairbrush spanking.

Motivational Support women who like to spank men Gordon Maxon: Greg's tendency to procrastinate le to a long, hard spanking delivered by his partner's punishing hand, strap, and hairbrush. Despite the pain, discomfort and 'corner time', the occasion serves to strengthen the bond between them. The Apple Thief by Pat Jones: Reformatory Headmaster Lestrade is used to chastising the bottoms of his female inmates almost at will, but is frustrated at not being able to lay hands on the girl in the house next door who flaunts her womanly charms in front of him.

An attempt to capture and incarcerate her ends in humiliating failure and himself on the receiving end of a spanking. As he plots anew, she has already anticipated his intrigues and plans another humiliation for him. This volume in the Women who Spank Men series contains another diverse collection of domestic femdom spanking tales: Five Years Later by Anthony Alba: James returns to the school, where he had formerly been a pupil, as a new teacher.

There he is greeted by the drop dead gorgeous Miss Styles, who had been his own favourite teacher.

Women who like to spank men

Having had a major crush on her, he'd gone out of his way to misbehave so that she would cane him. When James admits to having stolen her cane at the end of term, she produces her new one and, having instructed him to bend over the desk, he is once again on the receiving end of her whippy rattan. Peeping Stephen by David James: In this unique story, told in a stream of consciousness style, eighteen-year-old Stephen finds himself bared and humiliated in front of a group of women, and subjected to a series of spankings with hairbrush and paddle as a punishment for spying on another young woman's spanking.

Spanked by His Siblings by Peter Martin: Having failed to turn up on time and told lies, year-old Jeff once again finds himself being spanked long and hard by his younger female siblings. His humiliation is increased yet further when they invite two of their friends over to witness his spanking, including Tammy for whom he has a real soft spot. The Connoisseur's Choice by John Asher: Concerned that her usual punishments are not having the desired effect, George's wife procures a traditional school cane, widely regarded as the connoisseur's choice of punishment implement.

She is itching to put it to good use, and when George fails to return from the golf club on time he is made to bend over the old leather chair in the drawing room and given a painful correction with the supple rattan rod.

Women who like to spank men

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