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Hello everyone! Just your average kobold bard here. I'm looking for a new long term roleplay to help pass the time. I'm really wanting something set in either a fantasy setting or post-apocalyptic setting that being either Fallout esk or Zombiesor maybe a steampunk setting. I'd like this to be around smut and story. I'm open to many kinks, my only true limits are scat, watersports, farts, and vomit. I'd be happy to discuss kinks, and work out an idea in DMs. Hope to hear from you soon! You want some decent conversations with fun people?

Or maybe yiff kik ranting about your day in a familiar surrounding? Or just in general having a place where you can yiff kik yourself in the way you are without judgment? And even maybe help the group to get bigger? The rules for the group are pretty simple in general like just be a decent being. If you're somehow intrigued just give it a try :3 We are all nice people there. I'm female 21 and I'm looking for futa rp partners but full male or female is welcome as well. I prefer people with furry profile pics only.

This group is specifically for those that enjoy CNC! If you aren't into that, then this group isn't for you!

Tired of looking at prison chats and seeing nothing but tired of seeing one-liners? Tired of typing "lit Tired of having to wait and pretty much plead someone to stuff your cock into them, or ride some poor guys dick into dust while they are gagged? Well, come on down to Ghosts Home! Ghosts home is where you're allowed to get in touch with your wildside! If you think you can keep up and have fun while banging people left and right, fighting others to claim that little princess you found just as soon as you ed the chat, then by all means, please us! Just a few basic rules so you can get a feel of the place - more rules only like four yiff kik in the chat when you.

I've created a group on kik that is specifically for men - includes transgenders and nonbinary individuals - that are 21 years of age or older.

If interested, please ! Come us! We super friendly and just looking to fill our new chat up! Hey furs. You ever want to get your drink on and relax while listening to music. Then look no further. the Fur-Luna Tease Nightclub today!

Pleasurable moments. furrynightclub0w0 on kik today! Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Posted by 1 year ago. You know what I mean.

Looking for rp. Welcome to Ghosts home of Non-consensualers! Please have a furry preferably or anime pfp. The hashtag is FurryTheBlackSwan.

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Yiff kik

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